bee smart city, U4SSC and OiER sign an extensive global Smart City partnership

The three partners announced the Global Guide for Development of Smart and Sustainable Communities at this week’s Green Standards Week in Valencia. As a global partner platform, the German company bee smart city contributes by connecting and enabling networking of stakeholders and interested parties in the United Nations' Smart City Program worldwide.

  • The UNITED FOR SMART SUSTAINABLE CITIES (U4SSC) implementation program and bee smart city have announced an English-language guide to transform urban communities to smart sustainable cities.
  • UNITED FOR SMART SUSTAINABLE CITIES (U4SSC) selects bee smart city as its global Smart City network ecosystem.
  • Cities around the world find proven smart city solutions and the world's largest expert community at bee smart city.
  • The partnership accelerates the transformation process of communities to Smart Sustainable Cities: from the networking of all stakeholders through KPI analysis to financing and strategy development.

The Global Smart City Initiative supported by 16 UN organizations in total "UNITED FOR SMART SUSTAINABLE CITIES (U4SSC)", the OiER and the German smart city platform bee smart city have announced the publication of an English guideline for the development of smart and sustainable communities. The English-language guide is based on the publication "Smart City / Smart Region: Practical Guide for Practitioners" already published in Germany and Poland by bee smart city and other partners, which is working together with the United Nations on the Sustainability Goals (Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs) as well as other indicators, which will be gradually translated into other languages and made available to cities and urban communities worldwide. The guideline contains concrete action steps that enable municipalities to develop through smart concepts into sustainable and liveable places.

The German platform bee smart city will be a partner platform of the initiative as it acts as a digital stakeholder network and global smart city community. For U4SSC, bee smart city brings in its digital solution and communication platform, which is already the world leader. Furthermore, the expertise and market knowledge for the development of international Smart City strategies will be managed as well.

UNITED FOR SMART SUSTAINABLE CITIES was formed by 16 United Nations organizations and the Organization for International Economic Relations (OiER) to facilitate the implementation of selected smart city initiatives globally. This investment is aimed at fostering economic prosperity and increasing livability based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

Through the collaboration platform, the partners gather their broad network of leading Smart City experts to better enhance matchmaking activities on a global scale. "The network of key players is a crucial component for the success of a global multi-stakeholder program. With bee smart city, we collaborate with a strong partner who already meets all the requirements for this challenging task in order to jointly accelerate the implementation of Smart City projects worldwide", says OiER Secretary General Kari Aina Eik, who is responsible for implementing the UNITED FOR SMART SUSTAINABLE CITIES programme.

The objectives of the partnership are, among other things, knowledge transfer between Smart Cities, the important support of municipalities in the planning of Smart City solutions and the acceleration of transformation processes. In the comprehensive solution database of bee smart city, stakeholders can search for already implemented and successful Smart City projects in order to adapt them fast and with less investment needed.

"The realization of smart city initiatives essentially fails because of three things: the financing, the wrong selection and offer of solutions (and providers) by municipalities as well as a lack of user-oriented and goal-oriented implementation of smart city projects", states Bart Gorynski, Managing Partner at bee smart city, and adds: "With our new partners, OiER and UNITED FOR SMART SUSTAINABLE CITIES, we are working to develop integrated strategies and concrete action steps for transforming communities into smart, sustainable and quality-of-life-oriented cities."

Over 13,000 international experts, already contribute to bee smart city‘s world's leading Smart City network. The partnership will further expand the platform and address the global need for well-informed and sustainable developed Smart Cities.

More about bee smart city:

bee smart city is the leading global smart city solutions network and community with currently more than 13,200 members from 170 countries, featuring 650+ smart city solutions implemented in over 1,000 cities and communities across the globe.

The mission of bee smart city is to empower smart sustainable cities by facilitating the global exchange of best practice solutions and lessons learned. bee smart city creates market transparency as a trusted, independent platform and efficiently connects cities and communities among each other, with solution providers and other stakeholders.

Besides the smart city network and community, bee smart city operates a global smart city knowledge center, featuring strategy and solutions insights, portraits of successful smart sustainable cities, smart city events and tenders.

Furthermore, bee smart city provides advisory services to cities, local, regional and national government bodies as well as to public and private sector companies related to efficient (digital) urban transformation.

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