Sustainability and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will likely have an important impact on the purpose of many companies around the world. Contributing to the SDGs is a way to create added value for all businesses to drive growth, address risk, attract capital and focus on the individual purpose.

Companies focusing on a purpose that is anchored in creating value for others, positively impacting the world we live in and inspiring the stakeholders at all levels, they may increase their ability to drive profits and create sustainable value. The SDGs can focus a company’s purpose on challenges that act as a catalyst for innovation, engage and motivate employees, open up new markets and opportunities, and create future-profits at various levels.


The sustainability/SDG workshop will focus on the company’s opportunities in that field and the co-creation approach will enable a pro-active learning process. The workshop was designed to integrate the SDGs in the core business strategy, elaborate new business opportunities, define sustainable revenue streams.

Figures highlight that companies will benefit financially from the achievement of the SDGs through sustainable action. Largest market opportunities are in mobility ($ 2020 billion), healthcare ($ 1.650 billion), energy efficiency ($ 1.345 billion), clean energy ($ 1.200 billion), and affordable housing (1.080 billion) - U.S $.

Furthermore, investors are increasingly paying attention to environmental, social and governance risks when making investment decisions. Weak corporate governance, poor environmental performance, resource scarcity, climate change, and human rights risks are most likely to alter investors’ decisions.

Within the workshop, our team will also provide useful insights into investors and finance relations and inform you about upcoming regulations.

The activities of the workshop will focus on the following:

  • Background/purpose of the workshop
  • Introduction to the UN Sustainability Goals
  • Why do we need a sustainable transformation?
  • Sustainability is competitiveness - How can sustainability drive profit?
  • What can sustainability mean for your organization?
  • Co-creation in small groups
  • Final report including findings and results

The results will have effects such as:

  • Participants have new knowledge and common understanding about the sustainable development goals
  • Your team has also understood the need for a sustainable transformation
  • You have thoughts and ideas on how to contribute, as individual, but not least as leader and employee
  • A broader understanding about investment opportunities and how investors think about sustainability
  • You created a foundation to upscale sustainable business models
  • You can approach new networks and target groups with your new topics