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The OiER Partnership Program is one of the most qualified global initiatives in the field of Smart Sustainable Cities, serving as a multi-stakeholder platform for active collaboration.

For businesses, it is constructed to work in a partnership approach with decision-makers, governments, local authorities and international organizations to assess development priorities and needs, create policy frameworks, as well as identify projects, investment tools, and tender opportunities.

The Partnership Program is open to all businesses, cities, projects, stakeholders and activities related to Smart and Sustainable Cities, that can contribute to the achievement of the SDGs and especially Sustainable Development Goal 11: "Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable".

BUsiness Sectors


Explore the activities of the business partnership below and request your information package!

You are in good company with numerous other partners that have already joined - from startup to large multinational corporation.

Build your network and present your solutions to high level-stakeholders around the world to create and implement smart and sustainable projects worldwide.

OiER Business Partner Pool

BUSINESS Partnership Activities



A partnership supports your company taking a step further to realize your future vision to work towards achieving the SDGs and defining new scalable business streams. The UN Agenda 2030 reflects a profound change in the expectations that society has for business. Private sector action is the key to the successful implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

How can I promote my activities?

The program is transitioning from a partnership platform to a recognition opportunity for leading companies across a range of sustainability and smart city issues. A company meeting the following criteria will be eligible for recognition through the program:

  • Participate in two or more events around the year
  • Showcase and share continuous leadership on sustainability and urban development issues, either/both through a history of engagement with the cities or recognition by a range of external sustainability performance assessments


Access to the global Network of like-minded. Connect with international organizations, governments, cities and companies. Invitation to networking opportunities through international events. Participation at selected Co-Creation LAB events (Vienna, Austria / Alesund, Norway) and high-level meetings to speak or showcase your solutions.

What are my benefits as partner?

Partners will be invited upfront to all events and included in the communications. Moreover, tickets will be provided on request and shared with partners based on availability.

Partners will enjoy the following unique benefits:

  • High profile on OiER communications 
  • Consideration for speaking opportunities at OiER topic and high-level stakeholder events around the globe


Selected access to cities to showcase your business solutions, including personalized invitations to selected Smart Sustainable City Solutions events and workshops for local/national authorities and selected focus groups (subject to availability).

What is the framework of solution events?

The OiER is organizing solution workshops for every city member after receiving the results of the official UN Smart Sustainable City KPI Evaluation to start an effective matchmaking process.

Based on the requirements, companies will have the opportunity to present their services/solutions directly to representatives and decision-makers of the city to start the collaboration process.

The invitation is on behalf of the city and will be coordinated by the OiER.


Be part of the leading global online platform for Smart Sustainable Solutions, operated by bee smart city, with multiple functionalities to interact with cities and other stakeholders for showcasing and sharing your solutions.

What is the difference to all other profiles on the platform?

The partner profiles will be highlighted on the platform by positioning the exclusive logo and pro-actively sharing content through the network (projects in the monthly newsletter, webinars, etc.).

Furthermore, only OiER partner profiles will receive information about new cities and local governments joining the program as well as upcoming high-level networking events.


Partnering with the OiER increases your brand positioning through inclusion in global communications and public relations activities (offline & online).

What are the exact communication activities?

Right at the beginning of the partnership the team of OiER are arranging a first kick-off meeting to define the roadmap of activities and timeline of publications planned within the company’s contribution to the program.

Other activities are:

  • Creation of a standard press release (template provided) for your company to be shared within the partner network.
  • Announcement of the partnership and linkage to the press release in the monthly newsletter to OiER distributors.
  • Storytelling + Presentation of the solutions on the OiER website.

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