Clean, safe, and accessible public restrooms make cities livable

Clean, safe, and accessible public restrooms make cities livable

Sanitronics, to be the first Dutch business partner integrating its urban solutions in the United For Smart Sustainable Cities Implementation Programme to support local authorities in the field of public sanitation

Public bathrooms are an invitation to participate in urban life — a signal of welcome even more important than parks and benches and trash cans. Those pieces of urban infrastructure we can manage without. Public bathrooms? No one can stay long in any place without one.

Why should local governments engage in this sanitation topic? Because having ready access to clean, safe public restrooms is not only a vital part of personal and public health but is also key to fostering livability in cities.

Adequate public restrooms are fundamental to human dignity, and are especially critical for people who are restroom challenged. When seniors, pregnant women, little children, and people on blood pressure medicine have to go, they have to go urgently.

Easily-available restrooms also make good business sense and help foster tourism. Knowing that there are clean, safe public restrooms readily accessible, people are more apt to visit parks, ride their bikes, jog, and walk. As a result, more and more cities are investing in them.

“We’re encouraging people to walk and bike and use transit and it just makes sense then to offer a public restroom as well in these places where people are gathering,” said Angela Casias, legislative services manager for the Denver Department of Public Works. “[We’re] trying to have a positive impact on all kinds of people.”

The first Dutch U4SSC partner Sanitronics International is providing a revolutionary, self-cleaning, toilet system for the public environment supporting local authorities and city infrastructure development. With over 20 years of experience in public toilets, the system has been designed to include necessary topics such as vandalism, sustainability, comfort and hygiene.

Due to the modular base, the seats are of high flexibility in design which allows creating the public toilet of desire. Moreover, modular assembly and dismantling help creating a sustainable toilet that will fit into a circular economy.

The company from the Netherlands is seeking new ways of implementing sustainability in their products everyday by collaborating with other companies and attending congresses such as the Smart City Network.

Sanitronics International has decades of experience in designing and producing automatic public toilet systems for different places with different requirements all over the world. The main idea is to provide hygienically clean automated public toilets of the highest quality, for everyone.

Matter of fact, during the entire development process sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals are not just regulations but benefits for the company. Sanitronics International’s aim is to lead the world towards a sanitary revolution and change the way in what we think about public and shared sanitary.

Sanitronics International B.V.

From our Headquarters in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, we design, develop, manufactur and control our self-cleaning toilets for the public environment. Our mission is to provide a hygienically clean and safe toilet at all times. Together with our partners all over the world we are aiming for sustainable long term relationships with facilitators of (semi-)public environments.

Coen van Houwelingen (CEO)

Sanitronics International B.V., Schuttevaerweg 73, 3044BA Rotterdam, The Netherlands,, +31 (0) 10 245 1840