RUBICON: Austrian IT Company provides solutions for international city governments through the UNITED SMART CITIES program.

Joint activities will focus on supporting cities with smart and sustainable IT solutions and enable services to be offered: electronic lost and found office, complaint and request management, E-Forms, input management, E-Delivery, session service, and registry solutions.

Guided by the idea that smart cities need to implement advanced digital solutions to support the daily work, process and progress, United Smart Cities is pleased to announce an international reaching partnership with the Austrian based leading “E-Government” company RUBICON IT. Together the partners will support and jointly work with cities and municipalities across the globe in taking on the opportunities that the digital transformation towards becoming smarter and sustainable solutions.

Through the collaboration, cities can easily identify best practice solutions implemented by RUBICON in cities in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, etc. to address urban challenges and to seize development opportunities and existing market-leading solutions. RUBICON, as a smart city solution provider, will showcase their proven solutions and increase their visibility in the United Smart Cities program as well as on the Investment Marketplace to help the USC city network defining the right projects on the path towards a smart city.

Sustainable improvement in smart cities

The focus of RUBICON ‘services is on long-lasting solutions to intrinsic corporate structural challenges. First and foremost, RUBICON aims to sustainably improve the central business processes that are responsible for the success of any authority or enterprise. Hence RUBICON ‘s aspiration to fulfill even the strictest quality standards with regard to every component of software architecture and to the exceptional standards of supervision and customer care within the scope of comprehensive project support. In this regard, RUBICON supports the entire development cycle from IT consulting to training and, last but not least, the operation of software applications at their ISO 27001-certified computer center.

“We are honored to be a partner of United Smart Cities. Our modern online services enable public authorities to make their services available beyond the traditional scope to a broader public and to further improve citizen-services”, says Peter Grassnigg of RUBICON and continuous: “Public administration benefit from more efficient processes and cost reductions, citizens can access governmental related tasks from anywhere, at any time – a win-win situation.”

RUBICON already participated in the USC Annual Meeting as well as the UNECE Urban Week October this year where Andre Pura, Head of Sales, presented RUBICON’s smart solutions to international USC partners, UN representatives and cities from all 56 member states (UNECE).

Both partners are excited to take the next steps in terms of support for urban governments on an international level and will share the first best practices in the coming month.

Holistic and citizen-centric as key to success

Today, cities and communities around the world face tremendous challenges that impact their livability and prosperity: traffic, energy, water & waste management, pollution, healthcare, education, the digital economy as well as the efficient provision of government services are only a few examples that call for specific smart city solutions.

In order to ensure sustainable development of urban areas and smart cities, it is of United Smart Cities most importance to establish linkages and partnerships between the public and the private sector. The sharing of best practices among cities and communities as well as being informed about new solutions is important for the creation and especially replication solutions in cities on an individual base.

To become smart and sustainable in terms of e-government, cities need to follow holistic and citizen-centric strategic approaches. Local authorities need to develop new technologies, building ‘future-proof’ infrastructure to ensure quality policy frameworks.



RUBICON, an internationally active software company headquartered in Vienna with branch offices in Berlin and Bern, was founded in 2001 by Peter Grassnigg and Thomas Kuhta. Since the start of the commercial activities, the company has stood out not only through continuous growth and economic stability but in particular through the aspiration to combine innovation and customer benefit at the highest level.

RUBICON’s customers are large, international corporations and institutions in the fields of public administration, from the federal level down to municipal levels. Many of these customers have become business partners of long-standing on account of our outstanding performance and flexible, customized project support.


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