OiER Highlights - 4gamechangers Festival 2022

OiER Highlights - 4gamechangers Festival 2022

"The Power of Cooperation" was this year’s framework of the 4GAMECHANGERS Festival which took place from June 28th to 30th in Vienna.

The international festival offered more than 40 hours of live content in the Focused Edition from June 28th to 30th, online and on the radio. People from all over the world came together in the heart of Vienna from business, education, environment, nutrition, philosophy, entertainment, and more to speak and discuss the important and relevant topics of the time around the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

Numerous appeals were made on the three festival days, 4PIONEERS Day, 4FUTURE Day and 4GAMECHANGERS Day, inspiration was created, and game-changers were given the big stage.

President Selenskyj live for the first time in Austria

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj, broadcast live for the first time in Austria joint by the Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen and Federal Chancellor Karl Nehammer, makes an urgent call to the world: "Ukraine defends European values and freedom." Zelenskyj continued: "Thank you for the support. Humanity is the most important weapon."

Oscar winner and human rights activist George Clooney adds: "In general, war has no winners. (...) There will be an end to this. At some point there will be an end to this."

"The Power of Cooperation" of OiER & 4GAMECHANGERS 

4GAMECHANGERS co-founder Nina Kaiser: "I think it's great that we're working together on these important topics, which we're focusing on over the three festival days, and trying to find solutions for a better future."

Like every year OiER organized international top speakers to present ways for the future. Featured highlights are “The Metaverse - far more than an escape from the real world! 🌍” and “What We Eat – Our Food As Savior OF The Future” 

The Metaverse - far more than an escape from the real world! 🌍

Metaverse - vs. the real world. Diving into a completely different sphere, blurring reality and the virtual, and entering a world that allows you to take on a completely different personality. This "escape from the real world" could be a romantic, simple idea of the metaverse, but it is much more than that. The existence of the metaverse drastically changes the way we perceive the world around us, connect with it, and how we interact. Augmented and virtual reality, as well as other digital technologies, serve here as portals into a parallel world that is already larger and, according to the authors, will be more significant in the future than the WWW and letterpress printing combined. The digital "self", a so-called avatar, must be created. From then on, one not only moves in this immersive, digital world, one actively participates in it. Buying virtual properties and services, practicing a profession to earn virtual money, drinking coffee in decentralized, specially created worlds and rooms, and much more is possible. There seems to be no limit to the creativity, the variety of worlds and the interaction possibilities. The encounters and actions happen virtually, the actual communication and economic possibilities, are completely real.

What We Eat – Our Food As Savior OF The Future

Vegan, vegetarian or the decision for pescetarianism in order to protect or replace certain animal groups, flexitarianism with a tendency towards conscious consumption or seasonal and regional throughout as a guiding and life motto? The way we eat not only affects our health and well-being, but directly affects the climate, both positively and negatively. Scientists warn us, among other things, about the horrendous greenhouse gas emissions that are a direct result of livestock farming. For example, both farmed and plant-based alternatives are appearing on the market to replace meat as a solution. At the same time, we are struggling with the global problem of food waste. Also, the discourse of regionality as well as seasonality focuses on the targeted product selection of food suppliers and poses social and economic challenges to those.

All panels, keynotes and sessions of the 4GAMECHANGERS Festival can be viewed at "Stream Agian"